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Food Docket is a journey into my gastronomy life in and around Sydney. I am not a food critique; I just enjoy good food. Armed with just a simple camera phone, eating out is my way of appreciating the unique cultural culinary flavors and incorporating them into my passion for Malaysian-style cooking.
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Casa Del Gelato on Urbanspoon
Casa Del Gelato
163 Lygon St., Carlton VIC 3053

First impressions

  • An ordinary looking takeaway gelato shop on the liveliest Italian precinct in Melbourne.
  • Seems like a hangout spots for people before hitting the clubs in the city on a Friday and Saturday night.

What did I have an enjoyed

  • Orange and mango sorbet.
  • A pleasantly refreshing sweet flavor sorbet with an ever slight tingly sour sensation after taste. Never have I ate a sorbet quite like this one.
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