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Food Docket is a journey into my gastronomy life in and around Sydney. I am not a food critique; I just enjoy good food. Armed with just a simple camera phone, eating out is my way of appreciating the unique cultural culinary flavors and incorporating them into my passion for Malaysian-style cooking.
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Pho An on Urbanspoon
Pho Anh Restaurant
29 Greenfield Pde., Bankstown NSW 2200

First impressions

  • A typical everyday Asian restaurant.
  • Lots of floor staff standing around the restaurant, chatting with one another while waiting for customers to call out to them for service.

What did I have and enjoyed

  • Pho topped with Beef Combination (includes Rare Beef, Brisket, Beef Tendon & Tripe)
  • Beef Oil
  • Black Beef Soup
  • Everyone comes to Pho Anh to ear pho. However there are two side order dishes that are missing from their menu which will blow your mind once you have it - a serve of beef oil and the black beef soup.
  • Drizzle a couple of teaspoons of the oil on to your bown of pho, and I promise you, you will never have it without again. It accentuates the sweetness of the soup to bring it to a new level. For the modern Australians, think: a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil vs. plain vegetable oil on your bowl of salad.
  • And the beef soup is the essence of pho, without the other herb flavors from the coriander and spring onion. But what makes the soup sweeter than the pho base is the unsightly piece of beef layer skimmed from the top of the stock pot. It is not something one should have everyday; so indulge in it when you can! It certainly blew my mind.
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