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Food Docket is a journey into my gastronomy life in and around Sydney. I am not a food critique; I just enjoy good food. Armed with just a simple camera phone, eating out is my way of appreciating the unique cultural culinary flavors and incorporating them into my passion for Malaysian-style cooking.
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Lucio Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
Lucio Pizzeria
1/248 Palmer St., Darlinghurst NSW 2010

First impressions

  • The friendliest service received in a pizza restaurant.
  • Great place for dinner dates.

What did I have and enjoyed

  • Campagnola 
  • Calzone
  • Tiramisu Cake for dessert
  • Buffalo mozzarella and wood fired oven were the main successes to the pizzas we ordered. The pizza base was freshly made, and has a gentle and soft rustic texture that is hard to beat.
  • The ricotta in the Calzone introduced a light creamy consistency, which I must say I really enjoyed.
  • I love the look of the pizzas - made from unprocessed dough with a great rustic look.
  • In my opinion, Lucio’s a very top-rated pizza restaurant in Sydney.
  • The tiramisu was very enjoyable - not too sweet - a very fine finale for the night.

Notable icons

  • It is just amazing to look at the built-in wood-fire oven they got there.
  • No phone bookings allowed; therefore be prepared to wait 30 minutes for a table to be available to you.