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Food Docket is a journey into my gastronomy life in and around Sydney. I am not a food critique; I just enjoy good food. Armed with just a simple camera phone, eating out is my way of appreciating the unique cultural culinary flavors and incorporating them into my passion for Malaysian-style cooking.
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485 Crown St., Surry Hills NSW 2010

First impressions

  • The queue outside told me this was a popular inner-city breakfast spot.
  • Love the rustic timber benchtop right at the entrance of the cafe, where the barista puts the effort to make a decent cup of coffee.

What did I have and enjoyed

  • Mexican breakfast
  • A big breakfast with a twist. The onion salsa and tomato, mixed with the rocket leaves created an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The tangy flavors balanced well with a serve of beans mix (kidney beans and white beans), together with crispy tofu bits. It was a very satisfying breakfast.
  • Appreciate the effort and attentiveness of the barista. My usual skim flat white was admitedly, above my expectations.
  • While I had the Pulled Pork on Grilled Sourdough with Fresh Cucumber, Aioli, Apple and Tomato Chutney and Rocket the last time I came here, my friends were delighted with the dish when they tried it.
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