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Food Docket is a journey into my gastronomy life in and around Sydney. I am not a food critique; I just enjoy good food. Armed with just a simple camera phone, eating out is my way of appreciating the unique cultural culinary flavors and incorporating them into my passion for Malaysian-style cooking.
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Made in Italy Trattori on Urbanspoon
Made In Italy Trattoria
55 Miller St., Pyrmont NSW 2009

First impressions

  • My expectations swung high when I noticed Italian waiters and waitresses on the floor.

What did I have and enjoyed

  • Carpacchio di Salmone
  • Deep fried zucchini flowers with ricotta
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Penne Mamma Mia
  • Gamberi Pizza
  • Capricciosa Pizza
  • While I admittedly finished the last pieces of the remaining Gamberi and Capricciosa pizzas, I was not terribly impressed with the ingredients used and the flavors they represent. They may be generous with their prawn servings, but I would have preferred if they used fewer but fresher prawns; after all, the Sydney Fish Market is just 5 minutes walk away from where they were. The pizza bases, while thin and somewhat crispy, the consistency of the dough was a hit and miss.
  • The carpacchio was a little blend on my palate. The citric flavors introduced by the lemon would have stood out to the olive oil used if the oil was fruitier.
  • The company I had with me tonight helped with the food; but if I was to dine here on my own, I would regret my decision and head straight to the nearby bar for some hot chips and beer.
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